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Providers are faced with vast challenges in gathering coherent and practical diagnostic insights from an overload of sources, inconsistent patient reporting and narratives, and a growing unmanageable fragmentation. The matrix of insurance channels, licensure restrictions, and business practice is both formidable and, at times, impossible to navigate. Providers are also left in a lurch after patient discharge due to little or no post-visit follow through.

Solutions for Today's Healthcare Providers

Communication between patients and their providers is at an all-time low. We have seen such patients fail owing to stalemated or untimely communication, diagnostic conflicts, overall failure of acute ambulatory care, poor transitions, and little attention given to “whole health”. We have years of success in bringing a domain of knowledge coordinating patients, providers, and family members to ensure quality of life and wellness. Our collaborative work has had impressively positive results.

And so, NuLink Health is born.​

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