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the silent struggle

Why Care Continuity Needs A Better Approach

Running a successful practice is a constant balancing act. You’re passionate about delivering exceptional care, but the reality is:

Feeling Overwhelmed

Limited staff and ever-growing patient lists make it hard to proactively monitor chronic conditions between patient appointments.

Silent Deterioration

These gaps create a blind spot, potentially leading to missed opportunities to intervene early and prevent complications.

Burnout and Turnover

The constant pressure to manage chronic care reactively takes a toll on your dedicated team, leading to stress and burnout.

Our Process

We Provide a Seamless and Proactive Approach to Care Continuity

First Step

Free Patient Population Analysis

We begin by offering a complimentary analysis of a population or scenarios that you are having challenges managing. We will show you how NuLink can improve your clinical workflow, quality and management of patients between appointments.

Second Step

Seamless Care Infrastructure Built for You

Our team works collaboratively with yours to build a customized care plan infrastructure. This includes integrating NuLink’s remote monitoring platform, streamlining workflows to optimize communication – all designed to seamlessly fit within your existing practice environment.

Third Step

Proactive Care Without Missing an Adverse Event

Our dedicated care team utilizes real-time patient data to proactively monitor health trends. We intervene early to address potential issues before they escalate, preventing avoidable adverse events and ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

I think this is such a huge improvement to medicine. Having this was really appreciated by myself and family. We had a great team of doctors, nurses but this seemed to connect everyone and take some stress off my declining health and age and let us just be a family.

This is the first time my Dad hasn't felt like he was making rash decisions. He likes to have time to think over stuff before making a decision. Just the ability to ask questions was a huge comfort. Although we didn't ask questions on the app, we did feel better connected as a family and I think it definitely helped us speak with the doctors and nurses.

Having this system allows information to be shared so better health care decisions can be made. It can be difficult for patients to process everything given they are not feeling well or may be on medications that cloud their minds.

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Our commitment 

Pay for Results

We share your risk ensuring our interests are perfectly aligned with yours and your patients. Our payment is directly tied to patient improvement in care, quality and satisfaction.

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