Practice Extension Level of Care

We partner with practices to improve the care and experience of at-risk patients and families between office visits, creating operational efficiencies and growing your practice in the evolving healthcare landscapes.

78 %
Hospital Readmissions (30-Day)
65 %
Emergency Department Use
Patient & Family Satisfaction (NPS)

We Serve Your At-Risk Patients

Ambulatory Practices

A technology and services partnership providing a white label team based experience for your patients. Your patients, your protocols, our technology and services.

Hospital and Ambulatory Service Lines

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How We're Different:

Our Care Model

A Partnership in Chronic Care: With a dual focus on technology and human connection, we empower patients with chronic conditions to remain engaged in their care. Our Dedicated Case Managers, equipped with real-time home monitoring data, are able to swiftly detect and working with you, address health anomalies, significantly minimizing hospital and ER interventions.

Designed for At-Risk Populations

Your workflows and protocols

Operational Technological and Workforce Relief

Your Patients and process, our technology and support in partnership